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JASP 2023 Workshop & Contest:
'Recognizing Austen'

On April 20, JASP hosted "Recognizing Austen," an online writing workshop and contest with Lesley Peterson, who taught us how to craft our own juvenilia-inspired "recognition scene" (a dramatic scene in which the hero or heroine encounters a long-lost parent or grandparent and yet—somehow—the two recognize one another as kin). Scroll down for info on our contest!



Submit your own "recognition scene!" Lesley Peterson and fellow celebrity judges, writers Maria Grace and Sayantani DasGupta, will choose the best scene. 

Thanks to our judges!

Lesley Peterson

Maria Grace

Sayantani DasGupta


  1. Submissions will be judged on 5 categories: relevance to Austen's writings, the effectiveness of the scene, overall coherence, detail and word choice, and originality. 

  2. The wordcount should be 500 to 1,000 words.

  3. Find an online edition of "Love and Freindship" on the Project Gutenberg site.


Send us your scene!
Upload pdf

Thanks for submitting!

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