2018 ~ Northanger Abbey & Frankenstein

For the first time, the Jane Austen Summer Program focused on two novels – Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – and explored their lasting impact during the sold-out symposium.

Readings & Doings

Participants created their own masks during a workshop ahead of our masquerade ball, held at the Carolina Inn.


Our rare-book exhibit included editions of both novels, as well as a dress made by UNC costume production graduate students, who imagined what Shelley would have worn.


Historian Lloyd Kramer explored horror and its ties to the French Revolution; historical costumer Samantha Bullat discussed gothic fashion; and author John Kessel discussed his book “Pride and Prejudice and Prometheus,” combining elements of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Shelley’s novel. Former graduate student Ted Scheinman returned to talk about his book: “Camp Austen,” which centered in part on his time working with the Jane Austen Summer Program.

Our readings:
“Northanger Abbey,” Jane Austen
“Frankenstein,” Mary Shelley

Context Corners



"Lesley Castle"

"Mary Shelley and Her Monsters"

Praise for JASP 2018

“JASP gets better every year … Worth every penny, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in Austen and her works.”

“Best yet. Each year it gets better and better. I loved the concept of a two book discussion.”

“My discussion leaders were excellent. They asked provocative questions, helped me make connections where I hadn’t made them before and were very respectful of everyone’s ideas.”

““The ball is ALWAYS wonderful and is something I look so forward to each year!””