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And we’re back! Welcome to our 2021 program “Jane Austen’s World”

After a long summer break without tea, context corners, or Regency dancing, it is time to get excited: The 2021 Jane Austen Summer Program is on the horizon! Mark your calendars for June 17-20, grab your dog-eared Austen novels, and get ready to jump into “Jane Austen’s World.”

For this program, we’re reading Claire Tomalin’s biography “Jane Austen: A Life” and the fourth edition of “Jane Austen’s Letters,” edited by Deirdre Le Faye. (Both books are available on Amazon and can be purchased with Amazon Smile to benefit JASP.) Still not sold? Check out what JASP co-founder Inger Brodey has to say about this program’s reading selection.

Of course, JASP wouldn’t be complete without a film or two: We’ll also screen “Miss Austen Regrets” and “Becoming Jane” at our 2021 program. You can find more information about the films (in addition to a few other finds) in our “See Jane go” post, or by watching the trailers.

Miss Austen Regrets (click here to view trailer)

“But wait,” you might be thinking, “this all seems very familiar.” That’s because this program was scheduled for this June, but was postponed to next year due to the pandemic. If you’ve rolled over your registration to 2021, you’re all set! If you haven’t signed up yet, look out for registration information in the coming weeks. Find more details about our 2021 program here, including a tentative schedule and guest speakers.

You also might have noticed the website looks a little different, as we've redesigned the site. But don't worry: You can still find all the same content. In fact, we’ve even sorted our blog posts so that you can filter them by topic!

Additionally, you might have noticed a second JASP site called JASP+. We’re still developing this program, but feel free to explore the archive of context corners and teaching resources as you’re mapping out Jane Austen’s world! And look out for more information about JASP+ soon.

In the meantime, Jane Austen & Co. has been offering a "Staying at Home With Jane Austen" series of free virtual programming on topics such as music, embroidery, fashion and food in Jane Austen's day. View the videos here, and find more information on past and future programs here.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but stay tuned for blog posts, program updates, and much more!


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