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Jane Austen Day round-up of links

Happy Jane Austen Day!

6 Signs That Elizabeth Bennet Has Taken Over Your Life by Syrie James

Ways you can celebrate Jane Austen Day, including learning to speak “fan.”

Bustle wonders: If Jane Austen’s Heroines Lived In Modern Times, Here’s What They’d Be Like. Cat as a college student; Lizzy as a serious writer; Anne as an … Etsy addict?

AustenProse previews Maria Grace’s nonfiction book “A Jane Austen Christmas.”

The Guardian offers Austen advice for life.

3 reasons why we need a Jane Austen Day in the first place

HuffPo ranks Jane Austen film adaptations. What do you think of the list???

A puppet version of “Northanger Abbey”? It exists.

A ranking of Austen’s heroes and rogues: Agree or disagree with this list?

We still have our bracelet fundraiser going! Help keeps costs down for participants!

And you didn’t think we forgot, did you? What better way to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday than by registering for the Jane Austen Summer Program? Registration is open! See you in Chapel Hill!


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