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JASP+ 2023: Digging the Digital

You may notice some JASP participants heading into sessions marked with a "+" and wonder what is going on - here's the 411 on JASP+ and why you should consider applying next year!

What is JASP+?

JASP+ is the Jane Austen Summer Program’s digital humanities outreach program for public school teachers across the country. It offers an immersive, collaborative, and project-based educational experience for PreK-12 educators who want to learn more about incorporating digital humanities projects and pedagogies. Together, JASP+ participants will celebrate the power of the humanities in a small, dynamic cohort of fellow educators; develop curriculums, unit arcs, and lesson plans to implement digital humanities practices in the classroom; and build collaborative pedagogical knowledge bases with fellow educators.

The 2022 JASP+ Cohort

In partnership with a fast-expanding number of community partners, including UNC-Chapel Hill’s Media & Design Center and the National Humanities Center, JASP+ provides a community-based support system for teachers who want to combine their passion for the humanities with practical professional development in digital tools. JASP+ Fellows will experiment with digital tools to create a lesson arc that reflects

both the joy of working with the humanities and the power of digital pedagogies.

JASP+ fellows meet in the months leading up to JASP, as well as during several JASP+ workshops, to engage in teacher-centered discussions inspired by the themes of the program and driven by teachers’ own research interests and pedagogical priorities. After JASP+, fellows continue to collaborate together across the school year to build an archive of buildable, collaborative materials that are of practical use within the classroom.

Following the program, JASP+ teachers continue to work closely with program directors, digital humanities experts, and fellow educators to practice, play, and investigate practical digital teaching tools and begin to draft their own teaching resources, tailored to their own classroom needs.

Each year, JASP+ teacher fellows leave the program with fluency in at least two new digital humanities tools, the opportunity to publish a collaborative digital project, and a draft lesson arc that incorporates digital tools into their classrooms, in addition to access to JASP+ teacher alumni networks. Teachers get special access to tailored workshops on digital archival tools run by UNC juvenilia experts, the UNC Media and Design Center Librarians, and JASP+ organizers.

How does it work?

Participation in this year’s JASP+ was open to JASP’s teacher scholarship winners and runner-ups. The theme for JASP+ 2023 is “Authorizing Student Authors: Digital Archives in the Classroom.” Inspired by JASP’s partnership with the International Society of Literary Juvenilia and the JASP 2023 focus on Austen's Juvenilia, JASP+ will highlight the work of student authors and creators. JASP+ workshops will offer educators a chance to create lasting digital archives to facilitate student collaboration, authorship, and publication opportunities. Teachers will be learning how to use Wordpress and Issuu to give their students digital publishing experiences.

JASP+ 2023 progresses across three stages, with JASP as a central event. Before JASP, participants will come together virtually to meet fellow educators, discuss goals, and get excited for this year's programming. During JASP, participants experience all four days of the 2023 Jane Austen Summer Program. Across the symposium, teachers will meet to discuss their evolving interests and the ways in which they envision getting to use Jane Austen (and her juvenile writings!) in the classroom. After JASP, JASP+ participants share in digital humanities and pedagogy workshops for the two days following JASP: June 19 & 20.

JASP+ offers teachers the space to discuss, experiment, and engage with one another as a community. JASP+ invites attendees to begin creating teaching tools that can work for them in their classrooms, and the opportunity to network with peers and publish their work after the event has ended.

The 2022 JASP+ Cohort, Regency Style!

JASP+ is a wonderful way to bring cutting-edge digital humanities pedagogy to your classroom, Jane Austen Style. The program is annual, so if you weren't in this year's group, please consider applying next year!


Everyone is invited to ISLJ Lunch Roundtable on Friday from 11:30pm-12:30pm in the Parklands room at Murphey. Feel free to bring your own lunch or pick up lunch from one of our many on-campus options. You may also elect to order one of these options from Panera by noon on Wednesday, June 14th. By placing a lunch order through us, you will be able to pick up your lunch at the main registration table at Murphey Hall right before the roundtable.


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