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Whatever happened to Bingley (and other Austen links)

The holidays are over, and you’re finally getting back into the swing of things. Maybe you’re wondering what you missed while you were gift shopping, going to holiday parties and traveling. Here are a few links of interest:

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What Austen character matches your astrological sign? This site can tell you. Don’t forget to check out our Q&A with the site’s creator.

Know a teacher who’d be interested in attending JASP? Spread the word: Our scholarship applications are up!

Whatever happened to Bingley? Remember Darcy’s BFF in the Colin Firth adaptation of “Pride & Prejudice”? Spoiler: He’s now a teacher!

Over the holidays, there was a Pride & Prejudice panto in the UK

Rosamund Pike narrates new audio version of Pride & Prejudice: Jane Bennet (P&P05) herself steps up the mic.

Slate celebrates Austen’s “perfect novel”: “Emma.”

Check out the trailer and mark your calendars for “Unleashing Mr. Darcy,” a modern update of P&P — set in the world of dog shows — coming to Hallmark Channel on Jan. 23.

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Jennifer Abella is a TV/movie/pop culture/knitting/sewing/Jane Austen geek. Oh, and a total Anglophile. Follow @nextjen on Twitter.


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