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Jane & Will, MFEO?

And we are back! Welcome to the Jane Austen Summer Program blog series for the 2022 JASP symposium. Get those tea cozies ready, we’ll be taking some deep dives into the works and worlds of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare leading up to and during our June 16-19, 2022, time together.

For this program, the major texts are Austen’s Mansfield Park and Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “All’s Well that Ends Well.” We’ll learn more about all three as we prepare to study them in depth on site.

All texts are available on Amazon and can be purchased with Amazon Smile to benefit the Jane Austen Summer Program.

Planning is underway for this annual event and this blog is your primary source of new information as it becomes available. You can also catch us on Twitter @jaustensummer (note that this is an updated handle), on Instagram @janeaustensummer, and on Facebook @janeaustensummer.

We’re delighted to be preparing for another JASP and cannot wait to see you there in July—in person!—in all your Regency best.

--Nikki Powell


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