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Shopping List for the Janeite in Your Life

'Tis the season to spoil the Janeite in your life (or spoil yourself!) with all things Jane Austen. Below we’ve compiled some of the typical gifts you’ll see, plus some of the trendiest options for the holiday gifting season. Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite Jane thing!

Linen draper: Messrs. Harding Howell & Co, in Pall Mall, London, by Ackermann, 1809

Dames a la Mode is inspired by history! The brainchild of Taylor, who lives in Washington, DC, and is a historical costumer who's obsessed with the 18th Century, Georgian jewelry, and things from other eras. Taylor started making era-specific jewelry and launched Dames a la Mode in 2011! Pick something remarkable and tell Taylor that JASP sent you!

In 2006, Timely Tresses emerged from the creative endeavors of Dannielle Perry and Mandy Foster, with hat patterns spanning the 1840's through the early 1860's, based on original bonnets, photographic evidence, and period periodicals. Since then, Timely Tresses has become known as the millinery of choice among Jane Austen fans.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the Chawton House Shop, which offers a selection of bespoke souvenirs, gifts, books and accessories. There’s something for the Janeite in all of us at the Chawton House Shop, and purchases help support the upkeep of this most important historical place.

The Jane Austen Centre in the UK has picked out some of the loveliest Jane things to make the season brighter. Check out their wares and be mindful of shipping deadlines!

For the maker on your list, nothing could be finer than materials from Burley and Trowbridge, where patterns, fabrics, and accessories abound. Our favorite is the historical hand sewing kit, which seems just right for sitting by the fire and relaxing with a good pattern. Similar items may be found at Wm. Booth Draper, where we like the Boston pocketbook.

For the whimsical Janeite, try Pemberley Threads, where period-appropriate clothes and patterns for dolls can be had.

Stocking still not full? Try the ultimate gift guide from the blog Dear English Major, who definitely understands the need for all things Jane!

PS: When your shopping is done, reward yourself by taking in the culinary magic of Dan Macey, who will be the fine foods presenter at JASP 2022. Read about Dan's work and see a video on Jane’s Fascination with Whipt Syllabub, courtesy of JASNA.


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